Loziba Wilderness is one of the last untouched wild areas in South Africa. The importance of the ecological diversity of this area has been recognised and will ultimately be turned into a conservation area that will comprise 70% community owned land and 30% privately owned land. The reserve will ultimately be 40 000 hectares and be home to a variety of wildlife including the Big Five. 

Not only will this help protect the flora and fauna of this area, but it will also empower the communities surrounding it by creating jobs and providing income through profit share when the reserve is fully functional. 

The Thomson Smillie Foundation is raising funds that will be used to employ locals from the communities surrounding the reserve to work in a variety of roles on the reserve, from road and fence maintenance through to anti-poaching teams. 


Thomson Smillie Foundation is a registered Non-profit Company in South Africa (2020/091350/08)

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